A Massive Security Gap

Mobile technologies have allowed massive security gaps in every aspect of computing.

The highly touted cybersecurity features all have been defeated. After Pegasus, seemingly trustworthy companies such as Apple have been broken with Zero Day Technology.

Electronic communication is used by many, and every use offers a new security risk some do not know exists.

Security is Not Secure

  • Today, computing is ubiquitous, but technology to secure and protect our data has epically failed.
  • Consequences are dire:
  • Foreign governments collecting data on Americans
  • Financial, energy and infrastructure disruptions
  • Loss of privacy and freedoms

Main Points for Everyone

Digital platforms, while entertaining, convenient and necessary to modern life, are fraught with security failures and risks.

Social Media

E-commerce Payments

Mobile Providers


And More

Apps collect data on individuals

  • Private data is sold to multiple entities
  • Privacy is eroding quickly and quietly
  • Predictions for increased cybercrime are on the rise