iGhost Product

Be heard without a sound. Only individuals who are intended to hear or see data will do so.

We secure you before you can pick up your phone.

  • Nothing is stored on our servers
  • Completely anonymous
  • No forensic recovery possible
  • Cellular providers cannot see any communications or collect data
  • No apps stealing information

About the Product

The iGhost is a revolutionary device that will work with any iPhone or Android Device via Bluetooth.

The separate external device, with no internet capabilities, offers complete protection for the connected smartphone. Through Bluetooth connection no remote interference can compromise any part of the communication process.

Complete protection for a smartphone can be a very broad claim as well as easily misconstrued. iGhost will be able to protect essential protected functionalities such as:

  • Telemetry/VOIP/SIP communication
  • Eliminate meta data to the communications

Having a physical external device will allow additional products and services to be built to enhance and further iGhost’s functionality. Advancement allowing the possibility of a custom biometric sensor, texting/data messaging, and other type of authentication hardware enhances the market of the product.