Mobile technologies have allowed massive security gaps in every aspect of computing.



Quantum Cloak is a disruptive technology development group. We are focused on privacy, security and confidentiality for mobile communications.



We build an ever-expanding secure infrastructure recognized by certifying authorities. Not limited to: National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), American Standards Institute (ANSI), International Standards Org. (ISO).



Through proprietary technology, developments, and integrations, Quantum Cloak is the first company in the world to offer “Quantum Safe” communications.

Security is Not Secure

With mobile, security is even worse. End to end encryption is the current best protection available and it is inherently flawed.

Mobile Hacks

According to a 2016 report on mobile security by Intertrust, the cost of mobile app hacks and breaches will reach $1.5 billion by the end of 2021.

  • Smartphone hacks are massive and on the rise
  • Hacking smartphones is easy and profitable
  • Patches do not secure users
Microsoft (January)

250 million

Wattpad (June)

268 million


350 million

Estée Lauder

440 million

Sina Weibo

538 million


900 million

Market Need for

Mobile security is not secure.

  • Smartphone hacking is a low cost of entry and high reward model
  • Hackers can be a single individual or an organized effort


The Quantum Cloak Team

Dave Mehalick

Dave Mehalick is a successful executive with a career spanning over 30 years across a variety of industries including life sciences, technology, financial services, military contracting, entertainment, and consumer products.
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Alan Boarts

Chief Marketing Officer & Co-Founder
With more than 31 years of branding experience, Alan Boarts is the visionary force behind numerous cutting-edge and results-driven branding campaigns. President and Chief Creative Officer of A to Z Communications, Boarts oversees all creative and operations of the company.
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Roger Butler

Chief Architect
Roger Butler began his professional career designing fixed asset accounting, tax preparation and Wall Street investment software. He continued to work in this for almost two decades.
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Armand Nannicola

CEO & Co-Founder
Armand Nannicola’s professional career began over 30 years ago starting with research and development for Xerox Corporation. Since then, he has been the Chief Executive Officer for nine companies in the industries of software development, hospitality, real estate, and charitable gaming.
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Jay Wack

Chief Technology Officer
Jay Wack has over 20 years of experience as an application engineer. He specializes in microcontrollers and embedded microprocessors, leading him to represent Intel and National Semiconductor, as well as be involved in the successful customer design of Application Specific Integrated Circuits.
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Ron Parsons

Vice President of Product Services
In 2004, Ron Parson joined TecSec, an information security company, initially assisting in product development and corporate strategy. He now oversees the engineering, development, deployment, and support of solutions for Quantum Cloak, including the integration of CKM technology into existing customer applications as well as focusing attention on new markets.
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An Assured, Tested Process and Product

iGhost is manufactured and process controlled in the USA.


Each part is designed and manufactured in the USA.


No outside agency can plant tracking or surveillance devices in iGhost™.


Firmware is checked before each initial operation to guarantee proper execution.


Internal tests are run before and during operations to assure a stable, trustworthy result.