hackers attack every
39 Seconds


people have
been hacked

If you are a smartphone

user —
you could be next.



Secure Your Communications with Quantum Cloak’s Revolutionary iGhost Solution

Introducing iGhost, patent protected, revolutionary hardware and software that prevents hackers from gaining access to any of your voice communications.

Small and lightweight, iGhost synchronizes with your smartphone, allowing you to use your regular phone, but with one major difference—it safeguards your communications. YOU are in control.

  • Completely anonymous
  • No forensic recovery possible
  • Cellular providers cannot see or collect data

Make the
safe choice

with iGHOST

Smartphone users are open to digital hijacking, anytime, anywhere, even in their own homes. If you are a smartphone user, you could be one of them. Hackers are everywhere and can be one person or an organization. Many agencies, foreign and domestic, will jump on the opportunity to violate your privacy. They know there is not a constitutionally guaranteed right to privacy. You can say goodbye to your confidential materials, privacy, identity, finances and more.

But no more. Through Quantum Cloak’s groundbreaking hardware and software technology, you can now safeguard your privacy.

Make the safe choice with iGhost
Your future depends on it.

Whether for corporate, legal, financial, or medical uses, high profile personalities, or anyone who is concerned about privacy issues, iGhost is vital to the security of your communications.

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